What time is 14:00?

Convert 14:00 to 12-hour AM/PM format

14:00 = 2:00 PM

14:00 on a 24-hour clock is is 2:00 PM on a 12-hour clock. This system is used throughout the world (not just the military) and leverages a 24-hour time clock rather than the 12-hour AM/PM system known to most English speaking countries. Below are ways to convert 14:00 through a time chart, automated converter, and how to convert the 24 hour clock into a 12-hour AM/PM system by hand.

24-hour format 12-hour format
14:00 2:00 PM

14:00 Time Conversion Chart

24 Hour Clock 12 Hour Clock (AM/PM) Military Time
14:00 14:00 1400
14:05 14:05 1405
14:10 14:10 1410
14:15 14:15 1415
14:20 14:20 1420
14:25 14:25 1425
14:30 14:30 1430
14:35 14:35 1435
14:40 14:40 1440
14:45 14:45 1445
14:50 14:50 1450
14:55 14:55 1455
15:00 15:00 1500
15:05 15:05 1505
15:10 15:10 1510
15:15 15:15 1515

2:00PM Around the World

2:00 PM in America is known as the hunger or snack hour. This is very common in an office setting where someone isn’t actually hungry but could shovel down Alex’s cookies in the kitchen. This feeling also contributes to afternoon fatigue, so much that an energy drink company advertised against “that 2:30 feeling.”

In Spain, 2:00-3:00 is the usual lunch time. This is much later than most western countries as Americans usually take lunch and a quick break from work at around noon or one. 2pm in Spain is time for a heavier, large meal - if not the largest of the day. This also includes a country wide break and yes, a full siesta. However, life is changing in major cities and with heavy commutes and more work hours, taking a larger break in the afternoon is becoming less common.

2:00pm is also the end of a casual lunch for countries Australia, China, South Africa, Brazil, Japan, and arguably a weekend lunch in the United States.

1400 Fun Fact: “2PM” is also the logo of Patrick Mahomes, NFL quarterback.

How to convert 14:00 from 24-Hour Time to 12-Hour Standard Time

It is easy to convert from 24-hour time to 12-hour time once you know a few tricks. The primary difference between the two is that the hours in a 24 hour clock go all the way up to 23 (from 0 to 23). In a 12-hour clock, the hour resets to 1 after noon (midday). Follow the steps below to convert 14:00 to 12-hour time.

  1. First, determine whether or not 14 is greater than 12 (recall that this is one of the distinctions of the 12-hour clock, there are no hours "greater" than 12 on it)
  2. The hour 14 is higher than twelve, so we need to subtract 12 from 14 to get our "PM" hour: 14 - 12 = 2
  3. Now add "PM" to the end of the time: 2:00 PM