About Us

Exactly What Is Time started because of a person's curiosity to explore how time impacts the world, and we continue that mission today.

Our Mission




The goal was simple: avoid excessive technical jargon, provide clear and definitive tools and references, and give the right sources for people to better understand time. In practice, It investigates various attempts at a definition of time; it looks at the history and methods of time measurement; it summarizes the different views of time in philosophy and religion over the centuries; it considers the scientific basis of time, particularly as regards physics and psychology (both our perception of time and the neurology involved); and gives calculators and converters to use in daily practice.

Beyond content and tools, we hope to make the experience simple and easy to use for all people trying to do the same thing we are - explore our curiosities

We must always be humble builders

Our resource started many years ago for one person to try to wrap their head around the concept of time. We believe they did an incredible job. Now, still a two-person team trying to honor their work by growing the platform for other curious minds.

So, what's next?

Our goal is to give practical information and analysis on a very complex topic. So, to do that we need experts. We strive to highlight experts in the field and encourage teachers, professors, and life-long learners to pitch us a story. But again, this publication was started with curiosity, and we are open to hearing your story. Please read our editorial guidelines.

For Readers

Our promise to our readers is that all content goes through extensive editing and must have a works cited section with resources to further someone’s learning (not just wikipedia). But each step, each page, is built with care. We want to be the most reliable resource on the planet and nothing else.

  • In 2024, we've launched a digital magazine with the idea of furthering the discussion around time
  • ALL content is checked by professional editors and reviewers, no excuses
  • Content and calculators are updated daily. Found a mistake? Please let us know.
  • All calculators are build natively so code loads fast and is accurate to the second, anywhere in the world

This site isn't only a resource, it's our passion.