Days Until Calculator

Use this calculator to calculate how many days there are until a given date. The calculator will automatically find the next occurrence of a given calendar date. For example, if you'd like to see how many days there are until next Christmas, click here or enter December 25 in the form below!

Using our days until calculator

  1. Select the Month: Start by selecting the desired month from a drop-down menu or list.
  2. Select the Day: After choosing the month, pick the specific day you are counting down to.
  3. Calculate: Once the month and day are selected, the calculator will automatically compute the number of days from the current date and time, down to the second. Current time used: 2024-04-13

The calculator is programmed to account for all the variations in month lengths (28 to 31 days) and the seven-day week cycle. The variation in a day calculator is the difference between hours or full day corrections. We consider leap years, ensuring the count of days until a specified date is accurate.

Calculating days until the end of the year

When to calculate days from 2024-04-13

Calculating the number of days is a key part of planning and organization in most areas of weekly life. Work, school, social lives, etc. usually all have some form of countdown to a date. It allows individuals and organizations to prepare for events, meet deadlines, and organize tasks efficiently. Plus - anticipating days by a daily countdown makes it a bit more fun (or dramatic, whichever you're going for).

Using a day calculation in real life

Project Management

This is probably the most common, in my opinion. In project management, knowing the days until a project deadline helps in allocating resources, scheduling tasks, and ensuring the project stays on track. This is particularly important when communicating how and when something gets done.


Growing up in central PA in the middle of farmland, I know this one to be true from my experience. Farmers use date calculations to plan the planting and harvesting of crops based on expected weather conditions and growing seasons. The old saying "knee high by the Fourth of July" is a fun example of planning for seasons. (Though not true) It's a quirky way of measuring the growth rate of crops by a particular time of the season. For the record, my town grew hard corn for cattle which means the harvest season was later in the fall.


Day calculations are huge for travel - and arguably the most fun. We use it to plan trips, book flights, and accommodations, ensuring we have enough time to organize every aspect of the journey. Plus it's fun to coundown to our next beach trip!


As a kid, this one was the scariest. In education, teachers and students calculate days to prepare for exams, assignments, and other important dates. In my time in the American education system, I still have "3 days until test" burned in to my brain. But I digress.