Other Aspects of Time

World of Time
There are many other aspects of time we have not yet covered

There are several other, more peripheral, aspects of time, not already covered elsewhere in this website. A few of them are touched on briefly in this section.

Time Management, the process of planning and organizing tasks or events, is of prime importance in the business world, and increasingly in non-business contexts. Along with related ideas also discussed in this section, like time use research, time discipline and time banking, time management treats time as a scarce resource which needs to be managed for optimal efficiency.

Time In Different Cultures looks at the fact that different cultures and societies have significantly different attitudes towards time, timekeeping and punctuality, and how and why the pace or tempo of life differs in different countries.

Ageing or senescence is the process of growing old, or developing the appearance and characteristics of old age. The biological processes involved in ageing are still something of a mystery, although modern science is beginning to throw some light on them. Aspects of life expectancy, longevity, life extension strategies, population ageing, and death itself are all covered here.

Eternity and Immortality are ideas that have fascinated mankind for millennia (forever, one might say). Eternity, and the related concept of immortality, however, turn out to be just as slippery as the concept of time itself. The precise meaning of eternity, and the possibility, practicality and ethics of everlasting life are all subjects discussed in this section.

Time In Literature looks at the way in which time, and the inevitable passage of time, has been a fundamental element in literature for almost as long as literature has existed. It looks at time as a major theme in novels and poetry, and at the development of literature about immortality and time travel.

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