What Time Is It In Fort Wayne?

What is the current time in Fort Wayne, Indiana

The current time in Fort Wayne, Indiana is

10:27 AM

The date is February 26, 2024

Quick facts

  • Fort Wayne is 5:00 behind GMT right now
  • Fort Wayne's time zone is Eastern Time

What Time Zone is Fort Wayne, Indiana In?

Fort Wayne is in Eastern Time time zone, also sometimes abbreviated to ET. There are many cities and states in this time zone. This time zone consists of two "sub" time zones: EST and EDT. It is one or the other, depending on the time of year. In ET, clocks are typically moved forward and backwards anually (once forward and once backward every year).

Timezone Pacific Mountain Central Eastern
GMT Offset -8:00 -7:00 -6:00 -5:00
12-hour time 10:27 AM 9:27 AM 8:27 AM 7:27 AM
24-hour time 10:27 09:27 08:27 07:27
Military time 1027 0927 0827 0727

Fort Wayne is located approximately 120 miles from Indianapolis, the state capital, and 150 miles from Chicago. Within the state, popular tourist destinations such as the Indiana Dunes and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway are within a 2-3 hour drive. For those fighting traffic in the suburbs, it takes approximately 20-30 minutes to travel to nearby cities such as New Haven, Leo-Cedarville, and Huntertown.


  • Average temperature: 50-70°F
  • Climate: Mild with occasional rain showers
  • Unique traditions and events: Fort Wayne Cherry Blossom Festival, Fort Wayne Farmers Market
  • Average daylight: 12-14 hours


  • Average temperature: 70-85°F
  • Climate: Warm and humid
  • Unique traditions and events: Three Rivers Festival, Fort Wayne Pride Fest
  • Average daylight: 14-15 hours


  • Average temperature: 40-65°F
  • Climate: Cool with occasional rain and wind
  • Unique traditions and events: Johnny Appleseed Festival, Fort Wayne Fright Night
  • Average daylight: 10-12 hours


  • Average temperature: 20-35°F
  • Climate: Cold with occasional snow and ice
  • Unique traditions and events: Fort Wayne Winter Cozy, Fort Wayne Komets Hockey Games
  • Average daylight: 9-10 hours

Fort Wayne is a city located in the northeastern part of Indiana, United States. It is situated in the Eastern Time Zone (ET) and is five hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC-5). The nearest timezone border is approximately 20 miles east of the city, which is in the Eastern Time Zone. The respective travel time to the nearest states, Michigan and Ohio, is approximately two hours and one hour, respectively. The neighboring cities of Fort Wayne include New Haven, Leo-Cedarville, and Huntertown. If someone were to drive from Fort Wayne across America, it would take approximately 30 hours. Learn more about traveling to Fort Wayne and explore the city's rich history and culture.

Destination Distance (miles) Time to Drive (hours) Timezone Change (hours)
Yosemite National Park 2,200 44 -3
White House in Washington D.C. 540 10.8 -1
Denali National Park 3,500 70 -4
Las Vegas Strip 1,800 36 -3
Citizens Bank Park 650 13 -1
Niagara Falls 400 8 -1
Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco 2,200 44 -3
Yellowstone 1,400 28 -2
Manhattan 700 14 -1
Grand Canyon 1,600 32 -2

Other times in the United States

The United States has four main time zones and six time zones including Alaska and Hawaii. Time can span between six hours and range from -5 UTC hours to -10 UTC, making time in Fort Wayne change by a 6 hour time frame in the United States. Here are the most popular current times across the USA.

City State Timezone 12-hour time 24 hour time Military time
New York City New York Eastern Time 5:20 PM 17:20 1720
Philadelphia Pennsylvania Eastern Time 5:20 PM 17:20 1720
Boston Massachusetts Eastern Time 5:20 PM 17:20 1720
Chicago Illinois Central Time 4:20 PM 16:20 1620
Phoenix Arizona Mountain Time 3:20 PM 15:20 1520
Los Angeles California Pacific Time 2:20 PM 14:20 1420

Fast Facts About Fort Wayne

What time zone is Fort Wayne in?

Fort Wayne is in the Eastern Time time zone

What is Fort Wayne time compared to UTC?

UTC or Coordinated Universal Time is the global time standard, and Fort Wayne is offset by -5:00.