November federal holidays, work schedule, and printable calendars

November 2025 Calendar

Below are printable calendars for November 2025 with notable date history, information, and events.

Printable Calendar for November 2025

November 2025 Work Calendar

November 2025 Holiday Calendar

Holidays in November 2025

Date Holiday
November 1, 2025 All Saints' Day 2025
November 2, 2025 Daylight Saving Time - ends 2025
November 2, 2025 All Souls Day 2025
November 11, 2025 Veterans Day 2025
November 27, 2025 Thanksgiving Day 2025
November 28, 2025 Black Friday 2025
November 30, 2025 Advent 2025
November 11, 2025 Remembrance Day

November Holiday Calendar Countdown

Each year we can look forward to a few holidays or seasons around the corner and November is no different. Take a look at the major holidays and seasons to mark on your calendar!

Famous Sporting and Music Events in November

Date Event
November, 1 1986 MLB player Kirby Puckett (24) weds Tonya Hudson (20)
November, 2 2005 Irish TV and radio presenter Sile Seoige (26) weds Glen Mulcahy at St. Brendan's Church in County Offaly
November, 3 1953 "Tokyo Story", Japanese film directed by Yasujir Ozu, starring Chish Ry, Chieko Higashiyama and Setsuko Hara, is released
November, 4 1842 American socialite Mary Todd (23) weds Illinois Congressman and lawyer Abraham Lincoln (33) in Springfield, Illinois
November, 5 1956 "The Nat King Cole Show" debuts on NBC, the first variety program to be hosted by an African-American
November, 6 1947 NBC's "Meet the Press" debuts - US's longest running TV show
November, 7 1957 Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin (23) weds Valentina Ivanovna Goryacheva
November, 8 1985 Author Ken Follett (36) weds politician Barbara Hubbard (42)
November, 9 1899 US Admiral of the Navy George Dewey (61) weds Mildred McLean Hazen at the rectory St. Paul's Catholic Church in Washington, D.C.
November, 10 1965 Netherlands 2nd Chamber accept marriage of Princess Beatrice & Claus von Amsberg
November, 11 1985 1st AIDS theme TV movie - "An Early Frost" screens in US on NBC
November, 12 1910 1st possible movie stunt: man jumps into the Hudson river from a burning balloon
November, 13 1934 American actress and dancer Ginger Rogers (23) weds "All Quiet on the Western Front" actor Lew Ayres (25); divorce in 1940
November, 14 1855 Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart (22) weds Flora Cooke in Fort Riley, Kansas
November, 15 2005 Emperor Akihito's only daughter Princess Sayako (36) gives up her imperial title to wed Yoshiki Kuroda (40) at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, Japan
November, 16 1933 Ramon Magsaysay, latter President of the Philippines (26) weds Luz Banzon (18) at Lourdes church in Manila
November, 17 1934 Lyndon B. Johnson marries Claudia Alta Taylor
November, 18 1928 Walt Disney's "Steamboat Willie" released, first Mickey Mouse sound cartoon
November, 19 1939 Baseball legend Joe DiMaggio (24) weds "Freshies" actress Dorothy Arnold at St. Peter and Paul Church in San Francisco
November, 20 1932 American blues musician Muddy Waters (19) weds Mabel Berry
November, 21 1976 "Rocky" directed by John G. Avildsen and starring Sylvester Stallone premieres in New York (Best Picture 1977)
November, 22 1997 "The Lord of The Rings" actor Sean Bean (38) weds actress Abigail Cruttenden (29)
November, 23 1923 Cecil B. DeMille's first version of "The Ten Commandments" premieres in the USA
November, 24 1979 Author Kurt Vonnegut Jr. (57) weds photographer Jill Krementz (39)
November, 25 1913 28th US President Woodrow Wilson's daughter Jessie marries in The White House
November, 26 1942 "Casablanca" directed by Michael Curtiz and starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman premieres at Hollywood Theater, NYC (Academy Awards Best Picture 1943)
November, 27 1980 British playwright Harold Pinter (50) marries 2nd wife British writer and historian Antonia Frazer (48)
November, 28 1975 "As the World Turns" and "The Edge of Night", the final two American soap operas that had resisted going to pre-taped broadcasts, air their last live episodes.
November, 29 1945 "The Lost Weekend", based on Charles R. Jackson's novel, directed by Billy Wilder and starring Ray Milland and Jane Wyman premieres in Los Angeles (Academy Awards Best Picture 1946)
November, 30 1994 Beatles' 1st album in 25 years, "Live at the BBC", is released in Britain

Famous Birthdays in November

Date Person
November Scott Joplin
November Charles "Lucky" Luciano
November Ted Bundy
November Todd Beamer
November Pete Best
November Ian Botham

November Birth Month Facts

Let's dive into November. November is the eleventh month of the year in the Gregorian calendar and has 30 days. There are 4 weekends in November, with 21 workdays, totaling 168 hours in the month (assuming an 8-hour workday). November is known for being the end of autumn in the northern hemisphere and is often associated with cooler weather, shorter days, and changing leaves.